Recognise and celebrate the developmental progress pēpi has made and the vital contribution of whānau.

He iti tangata, e tipu. He iti toki, he iti tonu iho – A little child will grow. A little adze will always remain small.

This whakataukī reminds us that unlike the little adze (axe), which will always be a little axe, a child is ever changing, developing and growing.

  • What changes have you seen in pēpi lately?
  • How have you felt about those changes?
  • What have you had to do to respond to them?

Developmental milestones

Parents will often record milestones their pēpi has reached. They might collect photos, write little stories and create treasure books or waka huia (treasure container) about their pēpi.

  • Do you have a way of recording how pēpi has progressed during this first year?
  • Do you write in their Tamariki Ora Well Child book?
  • Would you like to create something to celebrate all the things that have happened for your pēpi and their whānau?

Acknowledge whānau

Celebrate the developmental progress pēpi has made and the vital contribution of parents and whānau.

Some parents may feel whakamā about acknowledging their input in their baby's development. Helping them to see what value they bring can be uplifting. The parenting pathway Ara mātua for 7-12 months might provide some prompts for them to celebrate their involvement.

  • Shall we run through it now and note down all the ways you've helped pēpi through their first year?

Ara Mātua – Te Pihinga 7–12 months [DOCX, 75 KB]

Helpful resources for whānau