Why do it?

  • Thinking about your baby as a person helps you start building a positive relationship with them even before they’re born.
  • The quality of the relationship between baby and their parents/whānau is the most important factor in baby’s future happiness and wellbeing.

How to do it

  • Write about your feelings while you’re pregnant.
  • Write to baby about what hopes and dreams you have for them.
  • If you were given three wishes to make for your baby, what would they be?
  • You could decorate your letter and frame it for baby’s wall.
  • You could keep your letter in the treasure box from the treasure box activity.

Using more reo Māori

Tuhutuhia To write/draw
Reta Letter
Tuhituhi a ringa Write by hand
Aroha Love, affection, compassion, empathy
Rongorongo Hear, smell, feel
Mina To desire, wish
Whakangākau To show affection for
Manaaki To support, take care of, protect
Atawhai To show kindness to
Waka huia Treasure box
Whakarākeitanga Decoration, embellishment
Whakamātakitaki Exhibit, display for viewing
Wāhi whakaruruhau Safe place
Ngā Moemoea Dreams
Ngā wawata Dreams, wishes
Ā tōna wā A time in the future
Ngā whakaaro Thoughts