Why do it?

Sock puppets provide an opportunity for:

  • being creative
  • using language
  • pretend play
  • using imagination
  • working and playing with others.
  • and it a good use for all those single socks!

How to do it

You could use:

  • some adult’s sock
  • felt tips or stickers
  • wool for hair
  • needle and thread
  • buttons for eyes
  • scraps of material for clothing.

Use felt tips to draw eyes, a nose and a mouth on light coloured socks. Stitch them on if socks are dark ones.

Wool can be glued on or stitched in for hair and/or whiskers.

Scraps of fabric can be wrapped around as scarves, cloaks and skirts for the puppets.

Use the puppets to act out family activities (shopping, visiting and going to the park) and/or stories you have shared.

Using more te reo Māori

Keretao/karetao Puppet
Tōkena Sock
Kiripuaki Character
Wūru Wool
Tuia To sew
Pātene Button
Kākahu Clothes
Kanohi Face
Karu/whatu Eyes
Taringa Ears
Waha Mouth
Ngutu Lip
Makawe Hair
Menemene Smile
I mahia e ia he kāretao ki te tōkena She made a puppet from a sock
Ko wai tēnei? Who's this?
Ko Mita tēnei This is Mita
Ko wai te ingoa o tō keretao? What's your puppet's name?
Kei hea tāna kainga? Where does she live?
Kei te haere ia ki whea? Where is she going?
Kei te haere ia ki te toa hokomaha He's going to the supermarket