Sack racing is a fun game for family occasions. The length of the race can be varied to suit the ages and abilities of the people involved. The only skill required is to jump with both feet. Sack racing is a popular Pacific game used in many early childhood services in New Zealand.

Why do it?

  • Can be enjoyed by the whole family. 
  • Strengthens family or group ties as everyone plays together.
  • Develops muscle strength and supports physical wellbeing. 
  • Creates a growing sense of confidence and competence.

How to do it

  • Find some sacks in a variety of sizes, so everyone has one that fits. Old hessian sacks are good, but modern plastic ones will also work well.  
  • Find a suitable place outside on grass or a soft surface and make a start line and finish line.
  • Each person puts both feet in the sack, and holds on to the top of it. 
  • One person starts the race and everyone begins jumping with both feet towards the finish line. 
  • The first racer to the finish line wins!
  • For bigger sacks, try two children hopping together. This makes it much harder.

Using more Gagana Sāmoa

run with the sack
jump up
whole family
have fun together
hold the sack tightly