Identifying hidden objects encourages descriptive language. Whānau can encourage tamariki to think about the properties of the unseen thing they hold, extending vocabulary and supporting problem-solving as you have fun together.

Why do it?

  • This game encourages a child to use their sense of touch to figure out what objects are hidden from sight.
  • It’s an activity that allows young children to practise integrating sensory information.
    • They also benefit from practising taking turns.
    • It gives parents an opportunity to introduce lots of descriptive language.
    • The anticipation of discovering the answers can be stimulating and fun.

How to do it

  • You need an adult’s sock and a plastic container that fits into the toe of the sock — something like a yoghurt pot or plastic cup works well.
  • Have 2–4 pairs of identical objects such as lids, pegs, blocks, and small toy cars or animals.
  • Help your child to name all the items and encourage them to explore one set of the identical objects.
  • When you think they’re ready, put one of a ‘pair’ into the sock without letting them see which one.
  • Help them slide their hand down into the sock so they can feel the item in the container. Ask ‘What’s hiding in the sock?’ If the child is not keen, parents may need to do this first to show them it’s not scary.
  • While they’re feeling the item with their fingers, let them also look at the full set of objects to help them figure out what‘s in the sock.
  • If more help is needed, ask them what the thing they’re touching feels like. Then ask, of the things they’re looking at, which one it could be?
  • After several turns you can extend the challenge by:
    • seeing if they can answer just by feeling the item without looking at the other pairs
    • putting two items in and asking them to pull a specific one out.

Using more te reo Māori

Rongo whakapā Sense of touch
Kohikohi Collect, gather together
Kakano Texture
Āhuahanga Shape
Aro Notice, pay attention to
Kōrero mai Talk to me
Rite tonu, ōrite Same
Rerekē Different
He aha tēnei kei roto i te tōkena? What's this inside the sock?
Kite(a) Find, discover
Homai te... Give me the...
He aha tēnei? What is this?
He poro rākau A block
He motukā iti A little car
He taupoki A lid
He mātiti A peg
He pene A pen
He kī A key
He pātene A button
He pune A spoon
He rerekē ngā āhua They are different shapes
Me pēnei Do it like this...
Nōu te wā Your turn
Nōku te wā My turn
Māhirahira Curious
Pārekareka Enjoyable, fun
Kino kē koe e te tau! You're awesome my darling!