Copying baby's sounds encourages connection and communication and helps with baby's brain development.

Why do it?

  • When whānau copy baby’s sounds, they’re telling baby that they’ve heard baby’s sound, and that they can make that sound too.
  • When baby hears whānau copying their sounds, this encourages baby to keep making them, which in turn strengthens their ability to continue making sounds (and trying new ones).
  • Copying baby’s sounds (for example, baby’s turn, parent’s turn) also helps baby learn about taking turns in a conversation.

How to do it

  • Do this activity when baby is relaxed and ready for some interaction.
  • Whānau can wait for baby to make a sound and then copy it.
  • Or they can get the conversation going with a sound they know baby can make.
  • Leave a space for baby to have their ‘say’ before ‘replying’.
Whakarongo Listen 
Kōrero Talk 
Kōrero mai Talk to me
Waiata mai Sing to me 
Tino pai koe ki te kōrero You're very good at talking
Rōreka Sweet singing, tuneful
Taritari To wait
Oriori Lullaby
Tāwhaitia, Whakahuahuatia To imitate or mimic 
Pārore To be relaxed 
Taupua To support 
Whāngai kupu Prompting
Umeretia Cheer, applaud 
Ka pai koe Well done you 
Kātahi nā te pēpi mōhio, ko koe What a clever baby you are