Play car bingo at home or in the car. Create a board game with tamariki that identifies things you are likely to see when you go driving. This activity supports observation skills, maths concepts, communication and a connection to their world.

Why do it?

We play car bingo so that tamariki can:

  • strengthen their observational skills
  • enjoy car journeys more
  • participate in an activity that’s adaptable for different ages
  • help to create an activity using everyday materials

How to do it

1. On a card, draw 9 squares that are big enough for a picture in each square.

2. Draw or find pictures of things you’re likely to see on a road trip and put one in each square.

  • Make most of them things that are easy to find, such as cars, trucks or vans of different colours; ambulance; police car; fire engine; petrol tanker; digger; road worker; stop sign; give way sign; pedestrian crossing; marae; caravan; church; bus; boat; traffic lights; two-storey house; dog; cow; cat; seagull; river; bridge.
  • Have some items that are the same on all the cards and some that are different. 

3. Give each player a pen or pencil to mark the square when they’ve seen the item. 

  • Rather than wait until every square has been marked to decide the ‘winner’, start with a ‘line’ first, which can be made up, down or diagonally on the board.

Other ideas for long car journeys:

  • Ētahi atu whakaaro. Play car counting: Each tamaiti chooses a colour of car to look for and count — this game works well if there are many other cars on the road.
  • Make the bingo cards more challenging by including a variety of road signs, gas stations or familiar businesses such as McDonald’s or KFC.

Using more reo Māori

Te reo Māori English
Kau pango me te mā Black and white cow
Whare wīra Caravan
Rama ārahi Traffic lights
Whare papanga rūma rua Two-storey house
Stop sign
Tohu haere Go sign