The baby wall frieze was created an easy way to show 'aiga how to build trust, attachment and a healthy brain. There are links to extend use of the frieze.

A picture tells a thousand words.

The baby wall frieze was created to show what 'aiga (whānau) can do to help babies' brains have a great start in life. By depicting the information in simple picture form, we show how straightforward it is to build trust, relationships, attachment and a healthy brain.

This resource can be used when adults have literacy challenges.

Post the frieze on your wall

Encourage the family to put the frieze up on a wall at home as a quick reminder of what baby thrives on, and as a conversation starter.

  • This article, Tākai baby wall frieze, and the 'other resources' section at the bottom of the ages and stages pages include comprehensive information about the frieze. The article was written by Brainwave Trust and explains how the frieze messages are consistent with current neuroscience and child development research.
  • Introducing the baby frieze includes suggestions for sharing the frieze with whānau.
  • Using the baby wall frieze includes practical suggestions for getting the best from the frieze.
  • Feeling good using the Tākai baby frieze, from the 13-18 month section, reinforces the ongoing positive messages on the frieze. 

Helpful resources for whānau