Why do it?

  • Baby’s vision develops through opportunities to look at things.
  • These experiences make connections between brain cells inside the vision centres, and between vision centres and other parts of the brain.
  • Around 3 months old baby can move their head and eyes to follow something — or someone — moving past them. This skill is called ‘tracking’.
  • Baby is attracted to look at things that move.
  • Tracking ability increases with practice.

How to do it

  • Have baby lying in a safe place, such as on a blanket on the floor.
  • Place yourself where baby can see you, and move something slowly from one side of baby to the other side.
  • The distance between baby and the moving object should be about the distance between mum’s face and baby’s face when baby’s feeding (about 30 cm).
  • Baby could track (follow with their eyes) your face, a page of a black and white book, or a strongly coloured toy.
  • You could try holding a rattle in front of baby, and invite them to hold it.
  • Keep repeating these activities a few times each day and watch what baby learns.

Using more reo Māori

Titiro To look
Tirohia Inspect, examine
Kite To see
Mātakina To gaze at, to watch
Roro Brain
Karu Eye
Karu hōmiromiro A person with sharp eyesight
Titiro ki tēnei Look at this
Nukunukua Move about
Anō Again
Āta Gently, slowly
Mua Front
Muri Back
Taha Side
Matau Right
Mauī Left
Runga Up
Raro Down
Kei hea te ….? Where is the ……..?
Mea Thing
Taonga tākaro Toy
Ngā taputapu tākaro Play things