Why do it?

  • Whānau will be helping baby to understand, follow an instruction, solve a problem and be successful.
  • Whānau will give baby the words that match their actions, strengthening baby’s understanding of language (‘receptive’ language).

How to do it

  • You’ll need a blanket, rug or cloth, and something that baby wants to hold and explore.
  • Sit close to baby and place the desired object out of reach, on the cloth.
  • Draw baby’s attention to the desired object. Say, ‘Look! See the car? Get the car!’
  • Show baby how they can bring the car closer by pulling the cloth.
  • Encourage baby to pull the cloth to get the toy.
  • When they’ve succeeded, give baby a clap.
  • Vary the game by using a range of objects.

Using more te reo Māori

Mōhio To know, understand
Whakaoti rapanga Problem solving
Momoho Success, successfulness
Māhirahira Curious
Toro(a) Reach out
Me noho tāua Let's sit (you and me)
He aha tērā? What's that? (over there)
Tikina tērā pōro Fetch that ball (over there)
Kātahi nā te pēpi mōhio, ko koe What a clever baby you are
Titiro mai e te tau Look here darling
He aha tēnā? What's that? (near you)
He motokā whero tēnā That's a red car (near you)
Tangohia tērā teti pea Pick up that teddy (away fromn both of us)
Kūmea te paraikete me pēnei Pull the blanket like this
Whakahauhau Encouragement, urging
Umeretia Cheer, applaud
Ka pai koe Well done you
Pakipaki Clapping
Ka mau te wehi! That's amazing!