Grow communities / Training / Guide your own ruku: Mātauranga Māori / Whakanuia Ko wai ahau (5 minutes)

Ko wai ahau is a fun 'fill in the blank' alternative to a quiz. The activity takes around 5 minutes and is a great way to whakanuia, celebrate your learning together.


Close your ruku session or hui with this 5 minute activity to whakanuia, celebrate your learning together. It works well either online or in-person. Ko wai ahau is more fun than a quiz as it's fast-paced and challenges your group to test their learning.

How it works

Write on the board or share on a slide up to 5 kupu from the webinar. For example:

  • oriori
  • pūrākau
  • pepeha
  • whakataukī.

Write up to 5 statements on the board. For example:

  • I tell stories of the past… Ko ________ ahau
  • I am a song for children… Ko ________ ahau
  • I let you know who I am, the name of my river, the name of my tribe… Ko ________ aha
  • I am a proverb… Ko ________ ahau

Give your group a few minutes to look for the statement which connects to the Māori concept.

When ready, ask participants to add a 'thumbs up' if you're online or let you know if you're in-person.

Read out each statement and let the group either shout out or add into the chat the kupu that completes the statement.

You could use this downloadable worksheet and give each participant a copy to complete the activity.

Handout: Ko wai ahau worksheet [PDF, 135 KB]