The baby wall frieze has useful information that whānau can use during the first year of their baby's development.

There’s a message that comes with the baby wall frieze that says ‘To brighten your baby’s bedroom wall’. Although it does look great up on a wall, it’s much more than a decoration – it contains some important messages about love and security and helping baby’s brain develop.

You can give the full frieze to whānau, or you could break the frames down and talk about them one at a time. Depending on how you decide to share the frieze, the questions below will help whānau to focus on the messages that appear alongside each image.

Ask the whānau:

  • I’m wondering how your family likes the frieze?
  • What sort of comments have you had about it?
  • Are there any pictures that you particularly like?
  • What is it about that picture that you enjoy?

Messages 'from baby'

The messages on the frieze are ‘from baby’. They’re designed to tell whānau about the things that are good for them. If parents follow those prompts every day, they will strengthen their relationship with baby and help baby’s brain to grow.

  • Do you think there are any particular messages in that picture?
  • What do you think the baby in the picture is thinking?
  • How do you think the baby is feeling?
  • Can I share some of the messages that I see in the pictures?

You could make the baby frieze frames into a book to share with baby. Laminate each frame and use them as discussion starters for each month of the year. For speakers of other languages, parents might want to write the messages on it in their mother tongue.

You can find similar messages in other Tākai resources too, particularly the Whakatipu booklet Te Pihinga 1 and Babies' World.

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