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Motor Development


I can lift my head briefly

I can suck

I can follow a person with my eyes

Motor Development


I can sit without support and stand with help

I can roll and pull myself along

I can bang things together

I can swap things between my hands

Motor Development


I can stretch and squirm

I can lift and turn my head

My hands are more open than fists and I can bring them in front of me to my midline


Motor Development


I can crawl

I can pull myself up and walk along things

I can walk holding hands

I can throw

I can pick up tiny things

Motor Development


My head is steady when I sit with support

I can turn to either side lying on my tummy

I can hold a toy with both hands

I can reach and grab things

Motor Development


I can walk up steps holding on to something

I can run, climb and walk backwards

I can throw and kick a ball

I can scribble

Motor Development


I can walk up and down steps by myself

I can jump with both feet together

I can catch a ball

I can thread things on a ribbon or string