Why do it?

  • Spending brief amounts of time on their tummy will strengthen baby’s neck and shoulders and upper body.

How to do it

  • Lying tummy-to-tummy can be more comfortable for baby than lying on the floor.
  • If baby is on the floor, try rolling up a towel and lying baby with the towel under their arms. This can help keep their head up and their legs down.
  • Put a stand-up black and white book where they can see it. Instruction for making one are in the activity list too.
  • A mirror stood up in front of baby when they’re on the floor also helps to make this activity more interesting.
  • Try lying down beside them so you can talk to them face to face and pat their back.
  • Frequent short sessions will work best.

Using more reo Māori

Ngā mahi a pēpi Play for baby
Wā tākaro Playtime
Haere mai ki te whāriki Come over to the mat
Takoto mai nei Lie down here
Papa Floor or flat surface
Owhaowha To roll over - used when baby first rolls over
Tāpapa Lie (face down)
Ūpoko Head
Kakī Neck
Pakihiwi Shoulders
Puku Tummy
Tuarā Back
Puku ki te puku Tummy to tummy
Kanohi ki te kanohi Face to face
He wā poto A short time
Whakaata Mirror/reflection
Titiro ki te whakaata Look in the mirror
Kei hea te pēpi? Where is baby?
Nā, he ātaahua koe You look beautiful
Kei hea māmā? Where's mum?
Titiro mai pēpi Look here baby
Ka menemene koe? Are you smiling?
Titiro ki te pukapuka Look at the book
Kei hea te porowhita Where is the circle?
Kia kaha Be strong
Kia tūpato Be careful
Ka pai Good, well done
Ka mau te wehi That's amazing